Kuroko no basket is a Comedy, School, Sports, Shounen focused anime. I find sports anime entertaining and would recommend it. Majority of voters gave this anime an eight out of ten on the my anime list website. I would rate a ten out ten and recommend sports anime here’s why.


The animation is excellent especially during Kuroko passing scenes for example ignite pass kai. During this scene Kuroko drops the ball in the air and everything else goes dark like it’s a shadow in the background. In that moment he palms the ball and we get a slow motion animation of the ball from the side to emphasize the power of the pass. When Kuroko impacts the ball it turns into jelly it bends inwards. As if the surface of the ball turns into a wave as the vibration from the impact surges through it.


The dialogue is inspiring. When kuroko said “you can only speculate based on the past. You won’t really know what will happen till you play”. This quote was said by Kuroko. You see he was a weak player who used to play on the strongest team because his team work and coordination were incredible. But his team mates got too good and didn’t need team work or coordination to win anymore. So they essentially defeated him cause without teamwork he was useless. But when he said this to his former team mate he was telling him that just because he was beat in the past doesn’t mean history will repeat itself.

Kuroko no basket Review (Kuroko’s Basketball)

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