Daniel Mcloyd, better known as IceJJFish was born in Aurora Illinois on the 30th of July 1995. He released his first major song in 2013. After that, he blew up and started releasing more raps. “On the floor” was the song that kickstarted his career, with over 74 million views on Youtube. His success hasn’t run out, with him still releasing new songs to this day with his most recent one being the love-toned single, “I Got You.”  


Sir JJFish 

Ice JJ fish is one of the most iconic and talented rappers out there right now. He has proven this with his album “Seasick” and his EP’s “LILJJFish” and “The Beginning.”  Along with this, he has released critically acclaimed raps such as “Ice On Me” “My Bae” “Got That,” and “I Want U.” His unique voice and fresh style made him a must see artist. But his debut song “On the Floor” is by far his most influential and praised song he has ever made.


Ice is no stranger to successful and meaningful songs and this is no exception. Emotion, talent, raw voice samples, JJ has let us know what he is capable of. The hard snares, the curvy synth, the soft compatible drums complimenting his clean no-auto-tune voice. This has set its place as one of the best lightskin, RnB jazz songs of all time, and Fish is at the top of his game right now.


      “Seasick”                 “The Beginning”

Of course, this song is quite stunning, but it has picked up much popularity due to the question, What does this song really mean? Many people, including lots of respected musicians and artists, have also expressed their interpretation of this piece.


Music lover Marcus B. says, “I think he’s talking about a girl he really likes and always gets butterflies and stuff when he’s around her. He also says she makes him wanna twirl.”


Omar A., a lover of rap music, says “I think he might be talking about what he’s going to do with this girl that he likes.”


On the other hand, we have Mohammad A. with his interpretation of the song, stating, “I think the meaning of the song is going fast, and not slowing down. Living life fast.”


Next, famous writer and song reviewer Thomas L. gives an in-depth review explaining “So, basically, there’s this dude and he sees this girl and he likes her, right. Um, he’s slightly disappointed because she doesn’t seem like the type who would enjoy being with him. He also says that he knows not of speed limits. This is displayed in the lyrics, “She said she wants to take it slow, I’m not that type of guy I’ll let cha know, when I see that red light all I know is go.” 


Lastly, well known and highly respected musician, Amar D. gives his view and take on the song from his musical perspective and experience. He says, “Ok, for this, I would quote Dr. Phil, “You are ugly, You are disgusting!” Despite all that, I would consider it a good piece of art.”


Lyric Analysis with Robert

IceJJFish “Selfie”

“On the floor” song cover


My guess is that for this song, Ice is talking about a girl he is very fond of. The evidence for this is proven strongly in the lyrics 

It’s something about cha girl, that just makes my head wanna twirl,” 


Next he talks about his real-time reaction to seeing this girl, something most songs nowadays lack.

”The moment I seen her I was in shock, so shocked you would’ve think that I’ve just been shot,”


Then he tells her that not only does he love her, he thinks about her whenever he can. A truly deep, touching line. 

”Now im picking up the phone just to call your line, because baby girl your on my mind.”


In other lines he tells this young woman what she doesn’t already know about him. 


-”I’m not that type of guy I’ll let cha know, when I see that red light all I know is go,”


He then goes on to tell her what he would for her because of how much he loves her.

-”You got me wanting to tell all them other girls,”


And in a more extreme situation,

-”I would put my life on the line, the line just to be the one to call you mine,”


All of this is evidence to my interpretation of what this song really means. Stunningly, the last thing that further proves my point of him talking about a girl he likes is his voice. The tone he uses and the subtle but soft high pitch changes truly have emotion, and you could figure out the meaning of the song by just his singing on its own.

“I want more”


When I chose to review and break this song down, I didn’t expect much, but the complex lyrics and structure mixed with his soulful, emotional and raw performance made me delightfully shocked. After listening to it for the first time, I personally think this song is about him and a girl that he likes. He shows no limit for what he would do for her as a result of their love. The song also roughly bases around why he likes her, what he will do to her, what he will do to get her, what he will do for her, and what she is to him. A friend, a love, a companion, and simply due to the mysterious video leaving us on the edge unanswered, she is merely just a dream for JJfish. Thank you.


You can view Ice JJ Fish’s video for “On the Floor” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq_d8VSM0nw&index=20&list=PLTqqnE7FOIKrlaz7gnulDo2FUD-f2npbL

Ice JJ Fish and his “On the Floor” Masterpiece By: Robert M.

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