Book report of ‘The Last Sherlock Holmes Story’


    I read this book called ‘The Last Sherlock Holmes Story’. I read this book because it looked interesting and not so hard for me to read it.


    This story is about what happened to Dr.Watson, records of his. He is the friend of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was a detective in London. But he was so smart that he thought crimes are very boring. He became a detective to solve big crimes and he enjoyed it but then he  got sick of his job. So he started to use cocaine as a drug and he enjoyed it and could not live without it. Soon, more interesting crimes started to happen. It is about Jack the Ripper. It made the long days seem more exciting.

    Do you know Jack the Ripper? He is the murder. He killed women every week at Whitechapel. What kind of woman? They are poor,not beautiful. Then why did he kill them? That is one mystery. They were killed with a knife and he ripped every part of there dead body. It looked awful. Watson and Holmes went to white chapel, where the first woman died. There was murder’s hand writting that said “No Time To Rip”. And they started to think the murder is professer Moriarty. He is an extraordinarily intelligent man, who looks similar as a murder. They think he is giving orders to other men to kill women. He became murder because he was bored of being succesful with his career all the time , and wanted more interesting cases. 

    Moriarty wants danger. And he wants to battle with Holmes for who is the greatest, great murder or great dectective. He wants to spread fear in London. After deciding when will  the next crime will happen they found out patterns. They went to find murder and Holmes said to Watson he needs to do something, so Watson had to wait. But he followed Holmes. He wanted to protect him from danger. Watson saw Holmes meeting with young woman. And he saw Holmes ripping the woman to pieces with a knife. 

    Watson could not believe what he saw. He started to think if Holmes as Jack the Ripper, Moriarty. Holmes is a good man, but all situations are showing that he is the murder. Watson decided to find out the truth. But at the same time, he was afraid from Holmes. And he couldn’t believe that his dear friend could be the terrible killer. Watson decided to get married very fast so that Holmes can’t live with him. And he heard that Holmes was going to move for a while because of work. Watson was happy, and Holmes said that Moriarty is gone. Watson wanted to find out more  about that, but Holmes didn’t tell him. Finally Watson decided to face him. That night, Holmes came with terrible look on his face. He said that Moriarty is chasing him, and he needs to run away before he sees him. Watson got a gun and cocaine in his doctor’s bag pretending he has his stuff in there. He is planning to shoot Holmes if he does something wrong. And he needs the cocaine because it made him act and move faster. He has an amount of cocaine that will last him hopefully tell he finds the truth. They moved a lot. They moved many cities and went to a hotel to sleep for the night. Watson was looking for the perfect timing to face Holmes with the truth. But the timing never came and he started to run out of cocaine. Watson was impatient he had to hurry. He told Holmes to take a walk with him to the mountains. The next day, they went to the mountain they walked all the way near the Reichenbach Fall. Holmes was staring at the bottom of the fall. It was a perfect chance for Watson to find out the truth, because now Holmes doesn’t have a place to escape. He took out the gun, pointing at Holmes. He started to yell, telling Holmes to say the truth. But Holmes looked so calm and peaceful and that’s not what Watson expected. So he yelled he is going to shoot him. Holmes seemed not to care at all. Watson shoots him, and shoots again. But Holmes was still at his spot. Watson was frightened he saw bullets in Holmes’s hand. Holmes said that he took the bullets out of the gun when Watson looked nervous and suspicious. Watson was frightened. He didn’t know what to do next. Holmes was the murder. He killed them because of needing excitement, and effect of cocaine. It looks quirky. The man named ‘Professor Moriarty’ is the man who made up by Holmes, the way to tell that the murder was not himself, also hint of his real identity. Then, Holmes said to Watson that he can’t hurt his friend. And he fell down to the fall.


  This is the end of the summary. This book was exciting, making people curious. But the ending was a little disappointing. I wish the main character didn’t die, because in my opinion I think he would have regretted his fault and tried to correct himself. I like this book and I want to recommend it to other people.

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