For my inhale I watched an episode of The Office and I identified everything about the show. then I used the information that I’d gathered to write this scene.(Also sorry that it’s double spaced, I don’t know how to fix it.)
Deep fake                                                                                                                                                                                          Season 5, Episode 29
Overview: Michael gets a computer program that enables him make anyone say anything he wants. He goes too far with it and causes panic throughout the whole office. 
Written by: Mirical Andersen
Directed by: No one
Original Air Date: Never It’s Not A Real Episode
Michael: Hey Jim! [beckons Jim in] Come here. You have to see this. Come on. 
Jim: [looks at the camera] [sighs] okay [walks into Michael’s office.] 
Michael: I downloaded this new thing called “Deep fakes”.  [laughing] Look at this!
Jim: I am looking, Michael. 
Michael: [still laughing] Look! I can make anyone say anything. Look it’s Dwight saying “I am insane”.   [ barely being able to hold himself together now]. And look! [gestures to his computer] I can make you say anything. [Jim on the screen] “Michael you are the best and I’m dumb.”
Jim:  Is that really the first thing that you did when you downloaded the program? It’s funny Michael but, I have to get back to work. That program could be dangerous. Be careful what you do.
Michael: Jeez Jim what are you my mom? [bursts into laughter.] 
Jim: I hope not. [walks out of the room and waves goodbye.]
Click here for the rest of the script
Scene that I wrote for a theoretical The Office (US) episode.

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