Multiple Song Reviews 

Waking With A Ghost, Don’t Start Now,

and We Fell In Love In October

In 2004, Tegan and Sara released the track for Walking With A Ghost and it became recognized as a great pop-rock song of the 2000’s.  An older song that has been reworked and covered by a lot of new artists, including Lil Yachty. Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ peaked at second on the Billboard top 100, and `We Fell in Love in October’ peaked at fourteenth. These songs are catchy, have great lyrics, and are powerful. They are all great pop songs but which genre conveys the most meaning?


Walking With A Ghost

Tegan and Sara

Album: So Jealous, 2004

Genre: Pop/ Rock/ Alternative

Lyrics make a song meaningful. In Walking With A Ghost, the lyrics make us think that she was friends with someone who was fake or she is trying to forget about someone. Even though it is a fairly short song and repeats the same phrases, the song still manages to portray some meaning to the listener. The guitar, drums, and bass give the song a great beat that made the song catchy. The music video has cleverly worked the bass line into it to make it even more interesting. This interesting sound and music video has made Walking With A Ghost a song that has a great beat and is fun to listen to, even if the lyrics and song structure isn’t great. 


We Fell In Love In October

Girl In Red

Album: We Fell In Love In October/ Forget Her, 2018

Genre: Pop/ Indie/ Alternative

We Fell In Love In October is one of the sweetest love songs of all time with an equally sweet music video. Marie Ulven Ringheim also known as Girl In Red is known for making these cute songs and lyrics. We Fell In Love in October was released with another song, Forget Her, which is about her letting go and moving on. WFILIO is the first part of this story. It’s all about her falling in love and how perfect it is at the start. The lyrics are repetitive and don’t have a lot of meaning but the song is still an amazing song.


Don’t Start Now

Dua Lipa

Album: Don’t Start Now, 2019

Genre: Pop

Don’t Start Now is a good song with a great beat. It is your typical pop song that you would sing along to on the radio. But Don’t Start Now has a deeper meaning than most popular break-up songs. The song is about emotional abuse and finding your worth. Dua Lipa uses lyrics like ‘Aren’t you the guy who tried to hurt me with the word goodbye’ and ‘Took some time to survive you.’ Dua Lipa has created a catchy song with powerful lyrics.


All of these pop songs have meaningful lyrics. Out of these three songs, Don’t Start Now has the most powerful and meaningful lyrics. These songs are all amazing, catchy songs that you should definitely listen to. 


My mentor text:


For my inhale, I took 5 songs that were different genres and I analyzed the lyrics and looked at the deeper meaning behind them.

Multiple Song Review- Adelyn H.

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