Lightning strikes the main character and wakes up in the hospital with a small black goblin perched on their shoulder, which no one else can see.


the main character is suddenly invisible, but they don’t know how long it will last.


the main character and the three people standing closest to them, are thrown backwards in time three hundred years. (time machine prototype)



Literary Devices


  • Allusion – reference to a person place or thing in the real world, people connect to things familiar to them and exist in the real world Example: “Don’t go opening Pandora’s Box.”, the legend Pandora’s Box is something that exists in real life




  • Diction – Choice of words and style/tone of the book, the way an author wants to write to a specific audience


Example: Formal Diction: when word choice is formal, higher class or more educated, used when character of higher education is speaking or there is a very educated audience

Informal Diction: everyday sort of people, slang

Slanged Diction: newly coined words or phrases



  • Alliteration – sentences with words that start with the same letter to improve importance and rhythm


Example: She sells seashells by the seashore



  • Flashbacks – Going back in time to a specific scene to give context, used when the past greatly impacts the present, useful and important




  • Foreshadowing – giving hints for what happens later in the book but it shouldn’t be so obvious that the reader picks up on it right away, reader should have an aha moment 




  • Imagery – Using figurative language and other devices to paint a clearer picture for the reader



Step 1) Know your Character


Step 2) Do an outline


Step 3) Start with something with something out of the ordinary, grab the      reader right away


Step 4) Get your first draft done right away


Step 5) Edit fully


Step 6) Find a title


Step 7) Get feedback, then edit again


Step 8) Satisfying ending


Inhale #2 Round 2 How to write a Story
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