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Riley`s Guide to Finding Purpose

Purpose. It’s something we all want, a job or a hobby that gives us a feeling of productiveness and makes us say “I did something very useful today.”,and ”The world is a better place today because of me.”. 1 in every 5 workers worldwide are not satisfied or happy with what they do. 900 million people worldwide including 70% of Americans.  This is what I found on how to make people feel more purposeful.


  • Finding purpose is like writing an article


  • 5 ws and how


  • Who – who do you want to help (groups, individuals, everybody) (Joy example)


  • What – what motivates you, what thing drives you, what problem would you solve, what are you willing to sacrifice (unfairness to the people who work hard)


  • Where – where do you want to make a difference (locally, globally, certain countries)


  • Why – why are you doing this, why is this so important (helps find deeper connection)(to make the world better, to set an example)


  • How – how are you going to do this, there are multiple ways to solve a problem how are you going to approach it (political level, getting a job at a company with the same vision, start your own business)


  • When – when can you make a difference ( make a plan to go forward with)


That is Riley’s Guide on how to find purpose but before I go I should say a few more things. One myth about purpose is purpose and happiness are the same. This is very untrue, take parenting for example, when parents are with their kids they report to feel purposeful but they are actually reported happier exercising or even just watching TV. And one last thing I just want to say that your job doesn’t need to completely fulfill you. It’s great if it does, but a hobby can be just as fulfilling. And that is what these steps are here for, to help you find a purpose and something fulfilling. So I hope when you have the chance to make a difference in the world you take it and live the best life you can.




Here is the audio recording

Exhale #1 Round 2 How to find Purpose
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