Anika and Elizabeth decided to combine their talents to create a work of art related to the movie Spider-Man Homecoming. They believe that there are many lessons to be learned behind the film. Instead, fans and critics seem to only focus on the plot. Determined to help, they were drawn to the idea of creating an acrylic painting with symbolic pictures to represent the themes throughout the movie.


After analyzing several different character’s emotions and behavior, Anika and Elizabeth were able to find 6 main themes. Spider-Man is to represent trust, the Lego death star represents friendship, the Avengers logo represents forgiveness, the explosive Chitauri energy core (aka the glowy thing) represents courage, the spider web represents stubbornness, and the heart represents love. All of these themes teach a meaningful lesson that you may not notice.


From this project, they were able to learn to correctly analyze and work with peers. They also deepen their understanding of the process of writing an artist’s statement and analyzing work.  

Exhale #1 Spider Man Homecoming

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