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Thank you, Adelyn

Today’s segment is going to mainly focus on the National Football League, and the Kansas city chiefs. One of the biggest questions asked right now, is who will win the super bowl? Now, in my mind, as of right now, there are a couple of teams who are favoured to win.

And who are these teams? I assume the Chiefs are one of them?

You would correct. The Chiefs are one of the favoured teams. As well as; the New England Patriots, the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. This past week the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Huston Texans.

Did they pull out the win?

No, they lost 31-24 with Tyreek Hill finally back, but in their defence, they have a lot of people who are injured.

Like Who?

Well: Sammy Watkins, Andrew Wylie, Dorian O’ Daniel, Chris Jones, Eric Fisher, and Anthony Hitchens.

Who do they play next week?

Well Adelyn, they play the Denver Broncos, who have two wins and four losses.

Do you think they will win?

Yes, I do. I am a Chiefs fan though, so I am very biased. But I do have some evidence of why they will win.

And those are?…..

I have noticed they need to keep their penalty yards under control, and the offensive line needs some work. Though the offensive line needs work, Mahomes can scramble out of the pocket as he did against the San Francisco 44 Years, When he threw to Conley resulting in a touchdown. Four reasons I think the Chiefs have a good shot are Number 1: Mahomes is a great quarterback, and he is one of the last scrambling, as well as having one of the best arms ever. He can do the sidearm easily because of his baseball with his father being Pat Mahomes SR. Number 2: They have all the pieces an offence. With Mahomes, he has Kelce Hill Hardman, Robinson, Watkins, Darrel and Damen Williams McCoy. Number 3: We have key people in defence. Though Chris James is out with a groin injury, they have; Breland, Mathieu, Ward, Ford, Sorenson, Fuller Number 4: They are under the coaching of Andy Reid and he has experienced and uses our strengths and weakness to our advantage. Like for example, Tyreek Hill is fast so they use him for punt returns and our offensive line isn’t particularly strong but Mahomes can scramble.

Thanks, Olivia, we will see you next time.

Bye. Have a great night everyone!



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