For my inhale I watched episodes of mr bean and took note for things that were the most funny. Then for the exhale I wrote about what elements make it funny and examples in which they are used in real life and in the show

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Mr Bean

By: Mateo Romero


Mr Bean is a very famous British TV show about a funny English man called Mr Bean who is played by actor Rowan Atkinson. But why is Mr Bean so entertaining and funny? I analyzed many of Mr Beans’ most famous and funny videos and came to the conclusion that the big element in this show is irony. Irony is defined as the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.There are 3 main types of irony called situational irony, physical, and verbal irony. (In this article I will not be talking about verbal irony because Mr Bean barely ever talks in his shows.)


Physical irony is when the character would do something that is unexpected or something that isn’t what he is supposed to do. An example of this would be if Riley went to sit down in his chair but missed it and fell on the ground. Another example would be if you call an ambulance to come save you but it ends up running you over. An example in Mr Bean would be when Mr Bean parks his car in an animal pen instead of going to the parking lot or when Mr Bean goes down a baby slide but then starts climbing back up the tiny slide after the life guard tells him to stop. This is called physical irony because the character is physically doing something that is ironic and unexpected.


Next is situational irony which would be when the audience or somebody (such as a character) knows something that the character doesn’t. An example of this would be if Tosan had just finished cooking something then he left the house with his apron on, and people would be laghing at him but not telling him he still was wearing it. Another example of this in Mr Bean would be when Mr Bean is at the beach and he wants to change into his swimsuit, but there is someone there with sunglasses looking at him while he tries to change so Mr Bean puts his swim suit over his pants and then somehow finds a way to take his pants off but keep his swimsuit on. After all this effort the man with sunglasses stands up and he has a cane. It turns out he was blind all along and couldn’t see Mr Bean. This is a example of situational irony because Mr Bean didn’t know that the person was blind and he though he had to change in a strange way.


There are many other factors that make Mr Bean so amusing but irony if one of the biggest reasons why this is such a popular show.


Mr Bean

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    Isn’t that how you’re supposed to change??


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