This precious piece of art was made between 1477-1482 by the famous Sandro Bottecelli, who painted lots of religious subjects and portraits. His art style is the Italian Renaissance and Florentine paintings, because he was born in Florence, Italy which gave him a lot of inspiration for his paintings. This specific art piece was the Italian Renaissance and depicts themes of love, marriage, sensuality, and fertility, which is productiveness and people who enjoy physical pleasures. This piece of art wasn’t his best work, because people believed that nothing can replace The Birth Of Venus which was another piece of his paintings that became a landmark of XV century in Italian paintings.


 All pieces of arts were made for a reason and had a big history behind it back then, and still are now (sometimes). The reason behind the Mystery Of Botticelli’s art is because of the marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco, who is the cousin of the powerful Italian Statesman / the important patron of art, Lorenzo Medici. The marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco is the overall reason Bottecelli did this painting but there is a specific story behind each elements that he painted, from all the colours he chose, to all the people that are being presented. 


These are some of the important reasons he drew some specific elements and or people:

The orange grove: There are many groups of figures in an orange grove, symbolizing the Medici family.

Left far of the painting there is Mercury dissipating the clouds of winter with his staff for spring to come. Next to him is the 3 Graces who represent the feminime virtues of chastity, beauty, and love.

Next to the Angles: next to these angles is the Roman goddess Venus.

Above Mercury: Above her is  her son blindfolded which represents him shooting his arrows of love towards the three Graces.

Far right: is Zephyrus the west wing pursuing a nymph named Chloris, after succeeding in reaching her Chloris transforms into Flora which is the goddess of spring.

Flowers that are coming out of Flora’s mouth:represents the transformation from Chloris into Flora.

Flora’s dress is trying to show spring time and fertility.

These small details make a huge impact on these paintings, because it  is representing the reasons that these arts were painted. So if you look at all the details together you could have a good understanding about the reasons behind it and why the artist chose that specific detail.


I think this painting is one of the most unique renaissance paintings that I have seen, that’s the reason I chose this specific art to research about and really get under the skin to see what the small details are trying to represent. The reason I think this is because it shows a lot of springtime and equality rights which wasn’t a big deal back when this art was made. 

The Mystery Of Botticelli’s Spring

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