I watched a movie called Miracles from Heaven and took notes on main characters and identified their character traits.


I created a fake interview with two characters from the movie for my exhale.



Reporter: Hi, I am Emily and today, And today we will be Annabel Beam and her mother Christy Beam.

Anna: Hi, you can just call me Anna 

Reporter: well ok then, Anna how are you doing?

Anna: I’m great! My dad just brought home a new puppy today.

Reporter: really! So you really like dogs then Anna

Anna: yeah we already have 5 now. My dad brings them home because he’s a vet.

Reporter: Ok Anna, can you tell us what you are here for?

Anna: I’m here today to share my story of being sick and how I got better from my digestive disorders when I fell through a tree in my backyard.

Reporter: and Anna do you want to tell us why you’ve decided to share your story with everyone?

Anna: Well I want to tell all the kids who are also sick like I was to stay strong and to remind them that things will be ok in the end. 

Reporter: Well look at you, you had a life threatening illness and now you’re perfectly fine.

Anna: Heh yeah, but I also want to thank like my family and Dr. Nurko my doctor and Angela and the nurses and everyone who tried to help me get better

Reporter: Oh that’s very sweet Anna 

Reporter: So what type of illness did you have Anna 

Anna: Well basically I had this obstructions in my intestines that made it hard for me to eat and digest and I would always be in pain after eating and would be throwing up all the time.

Reporter: And were you ever  scared when you were sick?

Anna: I guess I was always a little scared. My mom really helped me and made sure I like ate and took of myself properly when I didn’t want to. She always  stayed strong for me even when I wanted to give up. Everyone else at the hospital was also really nice to me.

 Anna:  So thank you mommy.

Christy: Aww. You’re welcome, 

Reporter: So I heard it took a long time for you guys to find out that you were  actually sick

Christy: yeah. Because Anna was perfectly healthy up until a year ago. Then all of the sudden she just starts throwing up like all the time. So we take her to all these doctors, they said “she’s fine”, “she’s lactose intolerant”, but I knew Anna wasn’t ok. So One time, her stomach was hurting so bad, we had to take to the ER. They pumped out her stomach, and they were like, “ ok, she’s fine now”…and I told them I knew something’s not right with Annabelle, and I was not going to leave the Er until they tell us what’s wrong! So my  doctor came in and told us that Anna was sick.

Reporter: wow, I imagine it would have been very frustrating knowing something’s wrong… but not knowing exactly what!

Christy: Oh yes it really was, but I mean you just gotta keep going. We were not about to give up.

Reporter: yeah well is there anything else you want to share Anna?

Anna: well I want to tell everyone that like good things can happen when you don’t think anything good will like happen, so you just need to have like faith and not give up hope.

Reporter: I think that’s really good advice Anna. 

Anna: because when I fell through that tree, like nobody would have thought I would survive. And I didn’t just survive! I got better and I wasn’t sick anymore after that!

Reporter: Ok, I think our time here is up, so thank you Anna and Christy for coming in today, I think 


R2B 2: Identifying Characterization Techniques
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