Inhale –

For the inhale, I printed out the lyrics of the song “Beautiful People” by Ed Sheeran and glued it down on my R2B notebook. I highlighted the different perspectives in the song in different colours. Then I read the song over and over again to catch some literary devices and I highlighted them and wrote down the effect or the emphasis of the term.

Then I wrote a paragraph about how I felt about this song when I first heard it and after I analyzed it. I also wrote down what was included in the song like, different beats, the mood, etc…

Exhale –

Artist Statement

My drawing is about the true sense of happiness that is acquired from loving others. The drawing has a couple at the beach staring at the sun which brings out the line “Me in the middle with the one I love and we’re just tryna figure everything out. We don’t fit in well cause we are just ourselves.” I think places like this relaxes me and lets my stress burst out. The red, pink, and orange have a profound meaning of love.

The “Beautiful People” in Ed Sheeran’s song masks up their identity by spending a lot of money and going to parties. By being yourself, the feeling of being happy can and will be obtained

Analysing and Representing “Beautiful People” by Ed Sheeran

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