For my inhale I listened to a persuasive speech Greta Thunberg.

It’s not a hard task to conclude that humans need water. We can’t live for more than 4 days without it. But that doesn’t mean you can drink any water, because it has to be clean. According to the World Health Organization, 71% of the global population used a safe water service in 2017, but what about the rest?


Water pollution is a growing problem that needs a solution, fast. Freshwater makes up only 3% of the Earth’s water, and only 1% of the freshwater is accessible to humans, So we must make sure that the small amount of water we have is potable. 


Contaminated water can affect our lives and ecosystems impacting us greatly. One of the issues is our health. Water can be polluted in various ways, such as oil spills, natural disasters, and nonpoint source pollution (run-off). These can bring on debris, bacteria, or chemical substances that you don’t want in your water. The last one is the one we should care about, but why? Many people think of runoff as a problem reserved to farming, but you may commit this crime against nature on a daily basis. Runoff can raise the levels of phosphorus and phosphate. These substances can be found in detergents, fertilizer, glass, flame retardant, and personal care products like shampoos. Too much phosphorus and algae will bloom, polluting the water. And too much phosphate, will over fertilize the plants around it. These two chemicals can single-handedly destroy entire ecosystems. 


Phosphate and phosphorus can be found in many household products, that means that you probably have them. So, what can you do?


Well, you can be mindful of the products you buy, checking the content of these two compounds in the product. Help by not producing any runoff of your own, for example in the yard. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides, and go for a more natural way of gardening. Don’t wash you car on your own, instead take it to a commercial car wash where they are being regulated for the use of these chemicals.


If we don’t take action right now, this will come back and haunt us. It’ll end our species as we know it. We NEED water. We can’t live without it. Our population will grow and we can’t deny the fact they have a right to clean potable water. Our actions will impact the future and it is up to us to decide whether or not there will be clean water in the times to come. So, what will you do? Will you do nothing, or will you take action and potentially save the world?


Water Pollution Speech
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