THE INCREDIBLES 2 MOVIE REVIEW (brad bird). 2h 5m. sci-fi/action.  No subtitles. Opens June 5, 2018 (Los Angeles)


The Incredibles 2 starts with the whole family fighting crime. But through the movie, each family member faces their own problems. Hellen the mom sets out to fight one of the biggest criminals in superhero history, while also trying to make superheroes legal again. Bob the dad has to face parenting three kids on his own and holding down the fort, while also dealing with Jack-Jack and his New powers. Jack-Jack, the baby of the family struggles to hold his own in the crime-fighting household, while also trying to control his powers. Dash, the middle child struggles to seek help from his dad for his school work. Violet the oldest out of the three kids, struggles to balance school and boys, while also fighting crime.


Surprisingly the Incredibles 2 is set in the 1960s. If you look closely throat the film there are clues hidden everywhere, like the housing styles, clothing, and cars you can see that it is set in the 60s. Though it may be hard to point out, the Incredibles 2 takes place in Metroville. You can see that it is set in Metroville because, at one point in the movie, Bob is reading a newspaper, in the front cover says Metroville news.


John Walker, the producer of the Incredibles had to face many challenges along the way. Such as, dealing with the film length and the way the audience perceives the film. Some parents took their children to the film said that the language was not appropriate for young children. Parents said that they couldn’t believe the film used words like “ill be damned” and ‘hell”. Although the parents thought that the language in the film was not appropriate, the children loved the film stating that it’s there new favorite movie.


I’ll be honest. I thought that I knew what this movie was about right when I saw the movie poster. And in a way I did: this movie is about a family with a special bond, love, and fighting crime. But this movie is not only about the family love for crime-fighting but it’s also about, perseverance, courage, and getting out of your comfort zone to try new things. It was definitely worth the 14-year wait.

for my exhale I watched the Incredibles 2.  my goal was to understand the theme and meaning.  I not only needed to understand the meaning to understand the theme, but I also need to understand the script, the characters, tone, and mood.  I can statements that I chose and that I thought where appropriate for this inhale where I can explore how choices the author makes impacts the meaning of creation in texts. I can choose texts to explore and explain why I chose them.




the incredibles 2 movie review

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