For my inhale I listened to Malcolm Gladwells The Big Man Can’t shoot I took notes throughout the podcast paraphrasing any information I thought was relevant to my topic. In this podcast Malcolm Gladwell talks about basketball a lot but clearly states that it’s about how good ideas don’t get inhale I listened to Malcolm Gladwells


The Big Man Can’t Shoot

The podcast starts off with Malcolm Gladwell talking about the best game of basketball played. That game was held in Hersheyville Pennsylvania where Wilt Chamberlain had one of his best games ever. In that game, he set an astounding world record. The record he set was most points in a single NBA game. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points by himself and still to this he holds that same record! Malcolm Gladwell makes it very clear that this podcast isn’t about basketball, and that its in fact about how good ideas don’t become popular or aren’t used even when there more convenient to do.

I Would say that The Big Man Can’t Shoot podcast is well organized and is planned out very well. That’s because it flows together very smoothly, there is a lot of evidence of why good ideas don’t take place. Some evidence to back up his statement of why good ideas don’t take place is that Malcolm Gladwell sent his producer to see the Columbia University women’s basketball team and try to convince some of the players to get them to switch over and use the more effective throwing method which is underhand shot during free throws. Although like men, they also had a fixed mindset on their throwing styles. Malcolm brings on a former NBA player Rick Barry who was one of the only NBA players to shoot underhanded! Rick Barry proved the point that underhand shooting is better than overhand shooting in one of his professional NBA seasons. While throwing underhand in this previous season he demonstrated the better technique in free throw shots by only missing around 10 shots while some of the best NBA players now miss around 150 free throws a season. Rick barry also brings up that only two people in college basketball out of thousands shoot underhanded which one of them is his son. So many basketball players know that the better free throw shooting approach is to be shooting underhanded, but they still don’t change over because that don’t want to look silly or uncool.

Malcolm Gladwell brings up crucial evidence on how so few people use the good idea to underhand throw in foul shots because it’s awkward to do. This podcast reflects on how good ideas don’t take place by discussing one of the greatest basketball players and games of all time. In my opinion this podcast reaches a 5/5 mark. The Big Man Can’t Shoot brings up good points like it’s more likely to shoot under hand if you have a low threshold. This gets 1 point out of 5. (Threshold- The magnitude that must be exceeded for a certain reaction to occur. In this case, how many people have to shoot underhand for someone else does it). The podcast flows together fluently by having organized sections of things like evidence, discussion, and experiments. This gets 3 points to bring up the rating to 4/5. This has good evidence of how good ideas don’t take place by bringing the throwing style to the columbia university basketball team as 3vidence to some of the points Malcolm was making. Finally achieving a total score of 5/5. Over all this podcast was really well put together, it wasn’t boring, and That’s because it incorporated interesting subjects like basketball into its main area of thought. I would really recommend listening to this podcast if it’s for fun or another reason you need to listen to a podcast.


The Big Man Can’t Shoot By Malcolm Gladwell Review
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    Very good author and an interesting take. I like the way the review reads. It was really good.


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