For my inhale, prior to my speech on distraction exhale, I spent a good while taking information in by watching a variety of TED talks and analyzing there structure, key points and ways of persuasion, as well as tone and movements to create the “TED talk vibe.” I used methods comprehensible for me in my notes to better understand and remember or look back on for later reference. The notes consisted of a timeline/speech structure that each of the talks I viewed  were greatly similar or the same as my transcribed structure I was consistently viewing. I know one thing I could’ve completed better through my note taking, was using a greater variety of methods to portray my work to create a bigger picture, possibly making it easier to understand with greater flow. I believe I could have also used organization tactics to help improve the quality of my work as well as make it more understandable and faster to read. I, with a more organized page, could differentiate my more random notes into subtopics so I could be more productive as I’d have easier access to my notes, free of the time I waste for skimming and looking through each individual one.

To see my exhale of the information I had learned about distraction, applying what I had learned about speech structure, use the link below.

Distraction, and why it’s a problem – William D

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