Luke jumped into his bed excited to continue reading his book called “Finally”. He had been looking forward to reading all day. He grabbed the book from under his bed and flipped the cover over to his bookmark. It was completely blurry. He forgot to put on his glasses. He grabbed his glasses and placed them lightly on his face. The words on the page quickly appeared and Luke started to read. This book came out in 1986 which was almost 65 years ago. Before his dad passed away, fighting in world war three, he gave him all his books. His dad also loved to read but his mom hated him reading. She thought it was a big waste of time, no one needs to read anymore. Instead, we have robots to do our work and Siri reads everything for us, but Luke disobeyed his mother and read anyways. Luke was reading chapter 56 when the door slowly opened revealing their personal robot Barton. Luke closed his book and stuffed it under his pillow as fast as he could. 

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For my inhale, I watched an episode of a tv show called The Office and identified the plot diagram, how thy create emphasis and tension building us the to climax, I also identified the irony, tone and mood throughout the episode.

This helped me write my story because I was able to have a strong plot that included all the steps that I learned in my inhale.

All the Time In The World- Short Story By Anna
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