For my inhale I listened to a Marinas Trench’s album “Ever After”. I analyzed the songs to find the true meaning in the lyrics. After analyzing the songs I concluded that this album was about a breakup they reveal the name of the girl at the end of the album as one of their final lyrics. I took the most important lines of the songs and put them into my room to breathe the book and then started to plan my exhale. Throughout this process, I was able to complete my goals using my I can statements.

For my exhale I represented my inhale by creating a painting with all the songs on it and the meanings of the songs. I used different shades of blue for the background and black for the words. Those where the colours I chose because when you look at the lyrics and the song they are sad and depressing. The band makes the songs sound happy and upbeat but the lyrics are sad. The painting method I used was sponge painting to give it a nice texture and a cool look. Then I went over with mode lodge to give it a nice final shiny layer.

Album Analysis

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