Veterinarian Career: Do it or Boot it?


Many people want to become a vet when they’re older, including myself, but it’s quite difficult and you’re going to be spending four to six extra years of school in order to become a vet. In order to become a vet, you must graduate with an earned bachelor’s degree in one of these many topics; biological science (in preparation) and take courses in animal behaviour, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, anatomy and outdoor education. After dedicating your time to those courses and earning a bachelor’s degree, you must complete yet another course which is the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, or otherwise known as, the DVM program.


After completing those courses and programs, you are then required to take a seven hour licensing exam, which includes many questions about veterinary related topics and the courses you took in college (and your grades from grade ten till your most recent tests, quizzes and exams). Then finally, after your license has been earned you have to start gaining experience, starting off small at a small local clinic, and then working your way up. Gaining experience is extremely important in most jobs, but especially being a veterinarian. 


There are many positions you can take being a vet, a couple of them are helping livestock, companion animals and exotic animals. They each come with their own benefits, and there are many pros and cons to each job. Taking any of these positions is very dangerous as you can have so many serious medical conditions and injuries from x-ray exposure, diseases, bites, chemical hazards and ergonomic injuries. Even with the dangers of being a veterinary comes with, it is a plus side knowing that you get to help animals and see them everyday, in fact, animals are known to decrease depression rate by anywhere between forty and sixty percent, and that’s a big amount.


Being a vet comes with a big responsibility and lots of pressure, but in the long run it’s all worth it spending so many years studying and doing a ton of courses. This job comes with many assets and liabilities, but it’s still such a great job that teaches you so many lessons and is proven to help your overall life become happier and healthier by helping animals and caring for them. Becoming a vet seems like a great job and it feels amazing to care for others, especially hurt animals in need of help. 


What I Did for Inhale: Research about veterinarians and how to become one.

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