For my inhale I listened to episode 203 of the Spitin Chiclets podcast, and intently took notes. In the podcast they interviewed NHLer Roman Josi, along with discussing the beginning of the NHL season and how teams are going to do this season.



Today I will be giving you a brief summary and pros and cons of the Spittin Chiclets podcast. Spittin Chiclets is a podcast that talks mainly about hockey. This week the podcast is held in New York where the see their producer, in the episode they interview Roman Josi and breakdown some of the NHL teams and look at how they are going to do this year. 


First Paul Bissonnette talks about how one night he went 9 and 0 in bubble hockey until his driver played him and beat him, that was after him and Wendel Clark do the ceremonial puck drop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Some stats on Wendel Clark is that he was drafted first overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs as a defence-man and told in spring camp that he was going to play forward, he went on to play 988 games in the NHL with 636 points. A quote by Paul Bissonette is “Could you imagine drafting a kid as a defense-man now and then him getting to camp and being told to play D”.

They then talk to Roman Josi about the Swiss league, they say it is the fastest but the mental game isn’t there but there is still more guys going to the NHL then there used to be. Roman also said that it is easier moving from Swiss to the States than it vice versa.

Then the move over to the jets who can’t give Patrik laine or Connor Hellbuyck any more money because they have to assume that Dustin Byfuglien is going to come back to the jets. They think the Jets will make the playoffs but struggle this season. The ST Louis Blues on the other hand are to afraid of their coach to have a slow start to their season, three of them think blues will make the playoffs but on thinks they won’t. They also agree that the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t a playoff caliber team but the Dallas Stars have a roster that can do some damage this year. They also don’t think the Arizona Coyotes and the Minnesota Wild will make the playoffs even though one of the guys works with them.




This episode was not as funny as previous episodes but it was still funnier than others so in the humor section I give it a 3 out of 5. There was more talk about hockey than most other episodes because it’s the start of the season so I give it a 5 in that section. Next is they had the Captain of the Predators Roman Josi was who they were interviewing which made in a great interview so its a 5 for the interview. In total I would give it a 4 because it was not as engaging and funny as other podcasts but i still suggest you listen to it because there were still funny moments and they had a good interview with Josi.


Spitin Chiclets Podcast Episode 203

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